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Meet Our People

We care about you. We want you to be profitable and productive.  That's why at Rodem, people are our biggest asset.

Rodem's sales team are more than sales people, they are advocates for our clients. Just call them money-saving productivity boosters.

Once a client is a part of the Rodem family, our Inside Sales people keep them happy and their facilities running smoothly.

Rodem's Front Office Team ensures all office operations and procedures are running effectively and efficiently. They serve both our customers and internal staff zestfully and promptly!

Rodem is more than product sales.  We help our clients create true systems that work to make their facilities leaner and better.  That's where our Systems Integration folks come in.

Our corporate team may not be on the "front lines," but they help keep us running.  If you've never met this part of our team before, please do.

I've you've got a problem, our Maintenance and Repair team is there. But more importantly, they also help prevent problems from occurring.

Quick & Knowledgeable Responses

"We can always count on your quick and knowledgeable responses and it's truly appreciated."