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Our History

Founded more than four decades ago by Bob Diener, Rodem is still family owned and operated by the Diener family. We have experienced significant growth throughout the years, but still practice the philosophies on which the company was founded. Here is the story of Rodem’s history from its original founders, Bob and Helen Diener.

Dairy Industry Education & Experience before Rodem

  • Bob graduated from Ohio State University with a degree in Dairy and Food Science. Followed by a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Xavier University. Following graduation Bob’s work experience in the dairy industry began as a plant foreman at Ideal Milk in Portsmouth, Ohio.
  • 1953: Bob started his sales career at De Laval Separator (Milk Plant Division) and then Oakes & Burger, selling processing equipment and supplies.

From Employee to Entrepreneur

  • 1971: With a partner, Bob purchased the Feldmann Dairy Plant and their dairy convenience stores. After the dairy purchase and move from his current position, former customers of his continued calling Bob for his expertise and wanted him to continue being their supplier of equipment, parts and supplies.

Rodem is Established

  • April, 1971: Rodem became a reality. The company became a major distributor for first class manufacturers such as Conveyor Specialties, Master-Bilt Refrigeration, Anderson Instrument and more.
  • Rodem’s long standing relationship with Tri-Clover, now Alfa Laval was forged at this time. Alfa Laval is still our largest vendor.
  • The Feldmann Dairy Plant was closed and the concentration was put on the stores and Rodem. Eventually, Bob and his partner parted ways. Bob solely owned Rodem and his partner kept the chain of stores. 

Rodem Moves to the Buckeye State

  • 1975: The Rodem office was moved from Wilder, Kentucky to a rented office and warehouse space in Cincinnati. 
  • 1982: Rodem purchased its current location on Crookshank on the west side on Cincinnati, Ohio.

Rodem's Expansion

As the sanitary processing industry grew, Rodem grew with it. Our customer base expanded from primarily dairies, to sanitary producers in a variety of industries. Engineers, an expanded sales force, installation crews and project managers were added. Bob hired industry experts, but also trained a number of employees, many of whom are still with us today.

  • Early 1980’s: The customer demand requested additional office and warehouse spaces. Rodem added an Indianapolis, Indiana office, followed by a location in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • Over the years we have expanded to include locations in Knoxville, Tennessee, Toledo, Ohio, Atlanta, Georgia, Columbus, Ohio and Raleigh, North Carolina.

Founding Principles Dictate Business Practices at Rodem

Bob and Helen attribute Rodem’s success to our positive attitude, knowledgeable employees and the close working relationships we have with the equipment manufacturers we represent.
Bob and Helen founded Rodem on the philosophy that satisfied customers will always be Rodem’s number one goal.  Most importantly their four children, who now own and operate Rodem, continue to use this founding principle as a guide for conducting business. Each Rodem location has a symbolic green arrow pointing up, which represents Bob and Rodem’s motto, onward and upward. As our company and industry expand we look forward to sharing our motto with you and moving your company onward and upward! 

We care about you. We want you to be profitable and productive.  That's why at Rodem, people are our biggest asset.

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