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alfa laval tank equipment

With ideal operating conditions and regular maintenance, Alfa Laval tank equipment can operate at peak performance for many years. Discover key tips to extend product lifespan and protect your costly cleaning investment including - following scheduled service intervals, operating tank cleaning equipment within ranges specified in the instruction manual, and following manufacturer guidelines for disassembly/reassembly, and more.

dairy month

Since the 1930's, June has been known as Dairy Month in the US. Rodem first started with a focus in the dairy industry and it is a major part of our business and expertise today. Learn more fun facts about the dairy industry and discover our roots!

dual strainer

Although cleaning is a necessary part of processing, shutting down production to clean is expensive and inconvenient when production goals must be met. Dual side entry strainer assemblies allow plants to clean at high capacities and still maintain production by shutting down one line for cleaning as the other line keeps moving. Learn more about the benefits of using dual side entry strainers for you process and how selecting the right one can help you increase uptime.

unique mixproof cp3

For over three decades, mixproof valves have helped customers improve their bottom line by saving money on processing costs. Learn more about boosting productivity and decreasing downtime with Alfa Laval's mixproof valves.

L3 pressure and level transmitter

We are excited to announce the immediate availability of Anderson-Negele's new L3 Pressure and Level Sensor. Read more about the latest innovation from their team of engineers.

repair and save on pumps

Due to tight production schedules, limited resources, and stretched operating budgets, getting the most bang for your buck is always ideal for sanitary processors. If you have a problematic pump that requires replacement, see if our team can offer a more cost-effective solution before buying new.

Alfa Laval LKH 75 Centrifugal Pump

Learn about one of the most cost effective and efficient processes in pump selection that will yield an optimum head and flow point for each centrifugal pump.Uncover the secret to choosing a new pump.

Alfa Laval Valves

Deliver peak performance, maximize your ROI and extend the life of your Tri-Clover sanitary valves with these top 10 tips from our manufacturing partner Alfa Laval.

Learn more about the Alfa Laval LKH Prime pump and all of it's key components as well as the new standard in self-priming pump technology.

Using the proper startup procedure for your homgenizer will help ensure optimial effeciency and reduce the chance of unexpected downtime. See how one Rodem customer was able to improve their startup procedure and how you can too.

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